• force push
  • level intermediate
  • category full body
  • movement compound


  • Stand upright with arms to sides, feet together and toes pointing forward.
  • Bend over and squat down, placing hands on floor slightly wider than shoulder-width. While holding upper body in place, push off with legs slightly to raise your hips while extending at the hips and knees to place yourself in a front plank position with arms extended.
  • Keeping your upper body in place, push off from your feet while flexing at the hips and knees to return to bent-over squat position. Rise up to original standing position.

Tips and Tricks

This is a fantastic full-body workout in one exercise.  In summary, the following are the phases to this exercise:

  • Stand
  • Drop to bent-over squat
  • Kick legs back
  • Return to bent-over squat
  • Stand

Make this exercise harder

This exercise can be made significantly harder with the following two additions:

  • Adding in a push up after the "Kick legs back" phase.
  • Adding in a plyometric in-place jump after the second "Stand" phase.
Muscles Used
legend Target muscle Synergist muscles Stabilizer muscles
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