Push Up

  • force push
  • level beginner
  • category upper body
  • movement compound
tip Feet together
tip Body straight from head to feet
tip Hands shoulder-width apart
tip Elbows no less than 90-degree angle
tip Don't let your core slouch

Low Poly Character by TehJoran used under CC-BY license from blendswap.com


  • Start in a plank position (hands shoulder-width apart, elbows locked, feet together)
  • Flex elbows until upper arm and lower arm are at a 90 degree angle
  • Extend elbows and return to the plank position

Tips and Tricks

A wider hand position places more load on the pectoral muscles

A narrower hand position places more load on the anterior deltoids

It is not required to achieve the 90 degree angle in step 2

Muscles Used
legend Target muscle Synergist muscles Stabilizer muscles
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