Making it Easier to Find Alternative Exercises

Strengthify builds customized workouts based on your goals and preferences, and also helps you perform them with the Virtual Trainer. The workout generation algorithm attempts to pick exercises that are aligned as best as possible with your goals and preferences, but it's difficult to predict a given person's preferred choice accurately. So we recently added two new features that makes it easier to swap to an alternative exercise if you don't like the one listed in your workout, or just prefer to do another exercise.

Swap Exercise Feature

The Swap Exercise feature lets you quickly swap an exercise for another randomly chosen exercise that works the same body area.

Alternative Exercise Suggestions Feature

This feature lets you view curated lists of exercises that are deemed to be either harder or easier than the current exercise. So, for example, if Strengthify generates a Push Up exercise for your workout, there'll be listed in the Easier list the Knee Push Up exercise:

Clicking the Alternative exercise suggestions menu item brings up a modal with a list of alternative exercises. You can choose one to swap with, and it automatically saves your choice. 

Happy Workouts!