Chest Dip

  • force push
  • level intermediate
  • category upper body
  • movement compound


  • Mount dip bar, gripping the bar so that it runs through your thumb and index fingers. Fully extend your arms, and bend knees and hips slightly.
  • Lower body by flexing at the elbow. Flare your elbows out to the sides while lowering, and shift your torso slightly forward. When slight stretch is felt in chest or shoulders or when your elbows are flexed at a 90 degree angle, push body upwards until arms are fully extended. Repeat.

Tips and Tricks

Do not let your elbow go past 90 degrees when performing this exercise, as this can put excessive stress on the shoulder joint and muscles. 

Make This Exercise Easier

To make this exercise easier, you can do the following exercise variations/modifications:

  • Machine assisted chest dips.
  • Chest dip between benches.
  • Chest dip with bent knees between benches.
  • Self-assisted chest dip.

Make This Exercise Harder

Use a dip belt with a small weight plate or a dumbbell placed between the ankles to increase resistance.

Muscles Used
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