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Jump Lunge (Split Jump)

  • force push
  • level intermediate
  • category lower body
  • movement compound


  • Stand with one foot forward and the other foot back, hip-width apart and knees slightly bent. Lower body by bending legs more, assuming the normal lunge position.
  • Jump upwards by pushing off of both feet, swiftly repositioning legs by bringing forward leg back and back leg forward while in the air, and landing with feet in opposite positions. Immediately dip body down to lunge position by flexing at the hip and knee of front leg until knee of rear leg is nearly in contact with floor, keeping torso upright and upper part of rear leg as vertical as possible.
  • Repeat sequence by immediately going into jump once again and moving feet to opposite positions. Continue alternating leg positions.

Tips and Tricks

As this is a plyometric exercise, use properly cushioned and well-fitting shoes to lessen impact on joints.

A more flexible hip flexor can make this exercise a little easier to perform. With a tight hip flexor, anterior pelvic tilt can occur when knee of rear leg is nearly in contact with floor, creating stress on the lower back. To avoid this if you suspect you have tight hip flexors, you can position the rear leg closer to the body instead of further away, so that the upper part of your rear leg is more vertical in the lunge position.

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