Raised Knee Crunch

  • force pull
  • level beginner
  • category core
  • movement isolated


  • Lie supine on mat, and raise knees so that upper legs are vertical, lower legs are horizontal and knees are at a 90 degree angle.
  • With hands interlocked behind your head and keeping your chin off of your chest, raise your upper back a few inches off of the mat until you feel a contraction in your upper abdominals. Return to original supine position. Repeat.

Tips and Tricks

Variations on this exercise include placing legs further away from your torso to activate Knees can also be placed 

Make This Exercise Easier

Cross arms in front of chest instead of interlocked behind the head.

Make This Exercise Harder

Position knees further away from torso in order to activate isometric contraction of the lower abdominal wall. Alternatively, position knees further away from torso and bring knees closer in as you perform the crunch, then move further away as your return to supine position.

Muscles Used
legend Target muscle Synergist muscles Stabilizer muscles
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