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Step Up

  • force push
  • level beginner
  • category lower body
  • movement compound


  • Stand with feet hip-width apart, toes pointing forward and facing box or bench.
  • Place entire foot of first leg on box. Proceed to stand with both legs on bench by extending the hip and knee of the first leg, then placing the foot of your second leg next to your first foot.
  • Step down with second leg by flexing at the hip and knee of first leg. Repeat with opposite leg, alternating reps between legs.

Tips and Tricks

Common Mistakes

Losing hip-knee-ankle alignment. Knee bends inwards, putting excessive stress on medial side of knee, thereby not activating muscles properly.

Using second leg instead of first leg. Using the second leg to push off from the ground, which makes the exercise easier and lessens the muscular stress on the first leg.

Rocking forward to increase momentum. Shifting your torso forward just before stepping up. This makes the exercise easier by increasing your forward momentum. Instead, torso should stay upright throughout the movement.

Make this exercise harder

Perform the exercise by grasping a pair of dumbbells in each hand. You can also use a barbell across your back. 

Muscles Used
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