Twisting Situp

  • force pull
  • level intermediate
  • category core
  • movement compound


  • Place feet under foot bar or low overhanging stationary object. Lie supine on floor, mat, or sit-up bench with hips and knees bent. Place hands behind neck.
  • Flex and twist waist to one direction while raising torso from bench by bending hips. Return until back of shoulders contact floor or mat. Repeat to opposite side alternating twists.

Tips and Tricks

Alternatives to using a foot bar to secure your feet are: 

  • A partner 
  • Feet under a pair of heavy dumbbells
  • Feet in the gap under a couch or sofa chair

Make This Exercise Easier

This exercise can be made easier by crossing arms in front of the chest instead of interlocking hands behind head. This moves the weight of your arms closer to the flexion point (which is your waist).

Make This Exercise Harder

This exercise can be made harder by extending the arms fully behind the head, or additionally by using a small weight plate. This exercise can also be performed on an incline board to increase resistance using gravity.

Muscles Used
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