Get Strengthify's Premium Features

Basic Plan

  • Create, edit and share routines:
    • Specify rounds, and include a warm up routine
    • Add notes, quantities and units (reps or seconds) to each exercise
  • Mobile-friendly workout viewer:
    • Voice-guidance for seconds-based workouts, static for reps-based
    • Learn and improve with quick access to exercise technique videos
    • Alternative exercise suggestions (easier and harder)
  • Log and track workouts:
    • Track total time spent working out
    • Track the number of rounds, sets, reps and/or seconds

Pro Plan (Coming March 15th)

  • Includes all Basic plan features, plus:
  • 90-day workout plans
    • Access to a suite of 90-day workout plans
    • Curated and proven plans that get you results
  • Highly personalized
    • Onboarding process recommends you a plan
    • Recommendation is based on your experience level, goals, and workout preferences
  • Fully customizable
    • Change any aspect of your 90-day plan
    • Add, edit or remove workouts as your schedule allows
  • Also:
    • Email reminders (daily, weekly or monthly)
    • 15-day check-ins
    • Community chat with fellow Pro subscribers