Strengthify Yourself

Build Workouts, Perform Them, Then Get Feedback


Step 1: Choose Your Exercises

With a searchable and filterable exercise database, finding new exercises has never been easier or faster. Each exercise has been described and categorized, so discovering new exercises is a breeze.
  • Choose and discover from hundreds of curated exercises
  • Filter by skill level, category and force
  • Search by exercise name, equipment type, body part or even muscle groups
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Step 2: Build Your Workout

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You've chosen your exercises. Now how can you mesh them into a quality workout? Strengthify offers an array of configurable options to build a workout exactly the way you want it.
  • Add and remove exercises from our database
  • Choose from rep-based or time-based intervals
  • Perform weighted or body weight exercises
  • Determine a rest period based on exercise intensity

Step 3: Perform

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Perform your workout by using your mobile phone to help guide you. Each exercise and set of your workout is laid out, so you don't have to wonder what you have to do next.
  • Proceed sequentially and at your own pace through your workout
  • Edit weight and reps on the go -- for e.g. if you lift more or less than planned
  • Follow along with your progress to keep yourself motivated

Post-Workout: Visualize Your Data

See your progress and determine where you can improve. Get feedback on important metrics such as "Load-Volume" and "Workout Time", and segment your data across specific workout categories.
  • Interactive graphs let you hover over to see further workout details
  • Change the graph time scale to view data as far back as last year, or as recently as last week
  • Filter by metric and category to segment your data
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