Custom Voice-Guided Workouts

Do you ever find yourself wondering what exercise to do next? Are you tired of your routine and looking to switch things up? Strengthify empowers people of all skill levels to take their fitness to the next level by providing:

  • Customized workouts (7-45 mins) sent to your inbox daily
  • Based on your goals and preferences
  • A Virtual Trainer that guides you through your workout
  • Suggestions for alternative exercises

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Customize your workouts by choosing from the following options:

  • Body Area
    • Full Body
    • Upper Body
    • Core
    • Lower Body
  • Available Equipment
    • Choose from the equipment you have available to you
  • Duration
    • A duration between 7 and 45 minutes

Virtual Trainer

The Virtual Trainer technology used in Strengthify uses voice cues and other sounds to notify you of when the current exercise is finishing, what exercise is coming up next, when the current round will be over and when the next round is starting. This leaves your mind free to focus exclusively on your workout.

Swap Exercises

Don't like an exercise that's included in your workout? You can swap it out for another exercise that works the same body area with a single click.

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