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15 Dec 20232 min read

Strengthify Higher Education Team Workshops

"The most useful 'work' workshop I've attended. Insightful, zero cringe factor and super valuable in getting to understand the strengths of myself and my team."

What are higher education team workshops?

We have designed our Strengthify higher education team workshops to be engaging and, irrespective of participants personality, provide a "zero cringe" (your words*, not ours) experience for all. (*All quotes on this page are from higher education attendees.)

Strengthify's ultimate goal is to help organisation's fully engage, and 'harness the strengths' of, every individual team member. This means taking not just managers, but the whole team, on a discovery journey to be able to understand and use their own 'strengths', and then delve into how the strengths of a team can combine and overlap to create amazing results.

"A fantastically insightful workshop delivered in a friendly and professional manner."

Team workshops provide the opportunity for managers and their teams to take the first steps on a strengths-based journey together; learning valuable and actionable insights about themselves, their colleagues and their team.

Strengthify higher education team workshops have the ability to create momentum which can be utilised to bring about better understanding and collaboration within, and across, teams. We focus on using positive psychology, with a strengths-based approach, to provide real-world practical examples and ways of applying learnings. Team workshops are based on an interactive, flexible and engaging format which looks to cater for all personalities and learning preferences.

Many organisations are also considering team workshops for project teams where individuals are being brought together across the organisation. Equally, team workshops work well following changes to teams or where new managers are being brought in. In all cases they can develop a better and deeper understanding and appreciation of individuals and their strengths within the team; in turn also improving the qualtity of conversations around growth and development.

We understand sectors and organisations are different; so we have developed team workshops specifically to cater for the uniqueness of higher education institutions.

How valuable did you find the Strengthify higher education team workshop?

A chart showing 24% extremely valuable, 65% very valuable & 11% somewhat valuable

Would you recommend a Strengthify higher education team workshop to a friend or colleague?

A chart showing 38% extremely likely, 56% very likely and 6% somewhat likely

Would you recommend a strengths-based approach to a friend or colleague?

A chart showing 47% extremely likely, 35% very likely and 18% somewhat likely

Why is team development so important?

We believe intentional and ongoing team development should, wherever possible, be prioritised over interventionist one-off team building activities (which obviously still have their value and place).

We would therefore always recommend Strengthify team workshops are done as part of a longer term commitment to implementing and utilising a strengths-based approach and that this is combined with other training and supporting activities.

Strengthify provides a number of options for manager-focused training, supporting guides and materials, and regular events to help embed and develop positive psychology and strength-based best practice for 'harnessing' teams' strengths and improving engagement and satisfaction.

If you want to dip your toe and find out more about Strengthify's approach, you are welcome to join one our future Events.

We’re also, as always, more than happy to set up a call or meeting to explain more about how we believe strengths can help you, your teams and organisation flourish.

"An enjoyable and stimulating session that brought the team together allowing us to learn about ourselves and others, and how we can best utilise our strengths together."

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