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26 Mar 20243 min read

Strengthify Management Development Programme Overview

"An excellent management development programme that tackled performance management holistically, built around a strengths-based approach which has provided me lots of new insights to inform my approach to leadership and management - as well as from a personal growth perspective."

What is the Strengthify Management Development Programme?

We have designed a 2-day Strengthify Management Development programme, and ongoing support, to be complimentary to any previous leadership or management development training attendees may have had. By the same token, it will also provide a great platform for new managers or those which have not previously participated in any management training.

Strengthify's ultimate goal is to help organisations fully engage, and 'harness the strengths' of, every individual team member. This means taking not just managers, but the whole team, on a discovery journey to be able to understand and use their own 'strengths', and then delve into how the strengths of a team can combine and overlap to create amazing results.

As part of this maximising the impact of a strengths-based approach within an organisation, managers need to be given the opportunity to gain the knowledge, skills and tools to do this effectivly and consistently. The Management Development Programme helps managers to apply a strengths-based approach to their own practice and encourage and foster this throughout their teams.

"A thought-provoking and insightful programme which will help me to get the best from myself and the teams that I work with."

One of the primary aims of the programme is to help give managers practical tools and the confidence to apply them.

The programme looks to improve confidence and also seek feedback on how attendees' growth in confidence following the programme.

Chart showing various data analysis in terms of growth of confidence

We also look to understand the overall level of confidence each attendee has in key areas which enable effective teams and positive relationships.

A chart showing various data regarding overall confidence

Attendees highlighted several aspects of the programme which they felt particularly helped them:

  • "Learning how to appreciate and harness talents and have strengths-based conversations, as motivational and performance enhancing experiences using the strengths based approach."
  • "Being provided with practical tools and techniques to structure conversations."
  • "I found very useful to be able to discuss and role play specific work scenarios through and find the solutions that might work in one or another situation."
  • "Having the opportunity to consider the challenges that managing a team can present with others who are in a similar position, albeit in a different setting."
  • "Being able to reflect on when in my career I feel I've been at my best as a manager, and conversely when I haven't, and how I can recognise and manage those situations where I haven't necessarily used my strengths effectively."


How valuable did you find the Strengthify Management Development Programme?

Chart showing 50% extremely valuable, 42% very valuable, 8% somewhat valuable

Would you recommend a Strengthify Management Development Programme?

Chart showing 38% extremely likely and 56% very likely

Why is investing time in developing managers so important?

Managers are at the heart of every team and their direction and intervention will be pivotal to helping teams, and individuals within them, flourish and thrive.

Without giving managers the training, skills and ongoing support, their ability to invest and harness their team's potential will not be fully realised. A strengths-based approach to managing and developnig high performing teams provides managers with an approach which is complimentary to their and your organisation's existing practice, while providing longevity to helping individuals and teams grow, develop and flourish.

How can I or our organisation participate in the Management Development Programme?

We regularly run our Management Development Programme in central locations around the UK.

If you would be interested in attending then please do register your interest.

If you are looking to send several people in your team, department or even organisation then please do get in touch to see if running the programme in your home city would be a good fit.

We’re also, as always, more than happy to set up a call or meeting to explain more about how we believe strengths can help you, your managers, teams and organisation flourish.

(*All quotes on this page are from attendees of our pilot Management Development Programme.)


"A really valuable opportunity to spend time thinking about my own management practice, and how to improve that using a strengths-based approach."

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