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Group of delegates at a Strengthify Discovery Workshop
28 May 20245 min read

Strengthify's Health & Social Care Discovery Workshops

"A fulfilling day where every moment was an opportunity for growth and discovery."

Our Discovery Workshops for Health & Social Care are designed to let attendees 'experience' a strengths-based approach; leaving with an understanding and appreciation of their own and others' unique strengths. As well as exploring practical ways to make positive changes to their work and personal lives, to 'harnessing' their own and other's strengths whether as team members, managers or leaders of teams, departments or organisations.

For the latest dates/locations of our Health & Social Care Discovery Workshops, and for details on how to register your interest, please check out our Events.

We use a strengths-based psychometric tool called the CliftonStrengths assessment which we provide all attendees with free access to. This ensures all attendees can get the most out of the session and walk away 'bought into' a strengths-based approach based on an understanding of their own unique strengths, as well as a deep appreciation of the value and importance of others' unique strengths.

100% of attendees said they were extremely likely or very likely to recommend our Discovery Workshops to a friend or colleague.

A chart showing 88% attendees were extremely likely and 12% very likely to recommend our Health & Social Care Discovery Workshop

What are the benefits of attending the workshop?

Attending this workshop offers participants a unique opportunity to delve deeply into their personal strengths, leading to greater self-awareness and improved job satisfaction. By focusing on what individuals do best, rather than areas of weakness, attendees can discover practical ways to apply their strengths in the workplace, setting more meaningful targets and achieving higher motivation. The workshop also encourages reflection and provides insightful exercises that help participants understand their strengths' impact on both their personal and professional lives.

Moreover, the workshop fosters a collaborative environment that enhances team dynamics. Participants learn to appreciate each other's strengths, leading to more effective and rewarding teamwork. The strengths-based approach not only boosts individual performance but also ignites more efficient and enjoyable collaboration within teams. This collective understanding and appreciation can significantly enhance overall job satisfaction and productivity.

The following feedback highlights some of the benefits seen by attendees:

Strengths-Based Approach

  • "A 'where are your strengths' approach to life and work is likely to be more successful."
  • This approach emphasises focusing on what individuals excel at, which is more motivating and effective than merely trying to improve weaknesses.

Practical Application and Blind Spots

  • "Not only looking at ways to use my strengths more in my work, but also to be mindful of potential blind spots and keeping my strengths in mind when setting targets."
  • Participants gain insights into their strengths and potential blind spots, helping them set realistic and motivating goals.

Collaboration and Team Dynamics

  • "Strengths-based approach could ignite more collaboration work and we would get so much more done, effectively, efficiently and the work would feel so much more rewarding."
  • Understanding and leveraging each other's strengths enhances teamwork, making collaboration more efficient and enjoyable.

What did attendees find most valuable?

Attendees found the workshop valuable due to its focus on personal insights, self-reflection, and practical applications for both individual and team development. The diverse group and meaningful conversations facilitated a deep understanding of personal strengths, leading to increased motivation and clarity on career goals.

Personal Insights and Self-Reflection

  • "Really useful personal insights, good for self-reflection."
  • "It's always good to stop, think and reflect on one's self but also how we come across to others."

Practical Applications and Team Dynamics

  • "In terms of taking it forward I think doing it with a team you work with and exploring others' strengths would be useful."
  • "Tangible examples of potential blind spots as well as how I could use my strengths more in a practical way, as well as work towards a strengths-based team approach."

Motivation and Career Development

  • "This discovery work has really helped me to understand me as an individual but also look at how I can overcome some challenges at work."
  • "It's given me a lease of life and motivation to help me drive some of my ideas and changes with knowing the strengths and talents I have to do so in an impactful way."
  • "I have been thinking a lot about what is next for me on my career journey and this is exactly the type of self-discovery I needed."

Workshop Delivery and Facilitation

  • "Overall a great workshop with a diverse group. The flow of conversation was meaningful and very insightful stories, very well facilitated."
  • "Useful information, well presented and delivered."
  • "Great colleagues, excellent course delivery, fascinating."

Understanding and Overcoming Challenges

  • "Helped me understand how I can overcome some challenges at work, where I'd normally doubt myself."
  • "Identified what skills and talent I bring to the table but most importantly what's important to me in the type of work I do that is going to make me happy and thrive."

Are the workshops aimed at managers and leaders?

Anyone will benefit from our Discovery Workshops, and we have had delegates who are senior leaders through to those with no line management responsibilities attend with similarly positive outcomes and feedback.

However, anyone in a management and/or leadership position will also be able to reflect on the benefits a strengths-based approach would have on their teams, departments or organisations.

"Very insightful session into my strengths and how I interact and use these with my team. Likewise, having an understanding of my team and our combined blind spots is so helpful."

Can I attend a future Discovery Workshop?

Look out for more Health & Social Care-focused Discovery Workshops and other events (or sign up for our newsletter) as we look to ensure that as many people as possible are able to take this ‘first step’ on their strengths journey.

We’re also, as always, more than happy to set up a call or meeting to explain more about how we believe strengths can help you, your teams and your organisation flourish.

"A refreshing and incredibly accurate re-focus on strengths rather than weaknesses and how we can use these in all walks of life."

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