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2 May 20242 min read

Why do we use the CliftonStrengths assessment?

"It's re-affirming choices I've been making in my career"

We’re often asked why we use the CliftonStrengths assessment as our preferred tool ahead of someone attending one of our Discovery Workshops and it is a great question so we thought we would take the time to explain why.

But first, just a few of the points attendees have shared with us after exploring their CliftonStrengths assessment report as part of our Discovery Workshops.

"Being aware of my top 10 strengths to reframe my approach to some tasks and people interactions"

"I'd like to explore these strengths further to see how I can use them for positive change and for better management"

Why do we use the CliftonStrengths assessment?

We continue to get great feedback on our chosen psychometric tool, the CliftonStrengths assessment, which we provide all attendees with free access to in advance of the workshop.
The CliftonStrengths tool has resonated with attendees due to its detailed and insightful nature, as evidenced by the numerous positive reflections on the assessments. These reflections highlight various dimensions of the tool's utility, from personal insight to team integration.

Personal Insights and Self-Recognition

Many attendees appreciated how the CliftonStrengths tool helped them gain a deeper understanding of their inherent strengths, often confirming what they intuitively knew while also uncovering new aspects of their abilities; while also giving them a shared vocabulary to describe and share their strengths. The feedback, "It provided useful insights into my behaviours," and "I have a better understanding of my strengths and why I enjoy particular scenarios," illustrates the tool's effectiveness in enhancing self-awareness.

Detailed and Actionable Feedback

The detailed feedback provided by the CliftonStrengths reports was highly valued. One attendee noted, "I valued the detail provided with the report," highlighting the comprehensive nature of the tool. This detail allows attendees to not only understand their strengths but to also see how they can apply these strengths in various scenarios, which is crucial for practical application.

Team Dynamics and Professional Development

The tool’s ability to assess and align team strengths is another significant advantage. As one user mentioned, "It provided fairly accurate assessments across different team members," this feature facilitates better teamwork by helping align tasks with the appropriate team members' strengths. This alignment can lead to more efficient team performance and better job satisfaction as individuals are more likely to enjoy tasks that play to their strengths.

Focus on Positive Psychology

Attendees also enjoyed the positive focus of the CliftonStrengths assessment, which emphasises what individuals excel in rather than their deficiencies. This approach aligns with the principles of positive psychology, fostering a more encouraging and productive atmosphere. The sentiment, "I liked the positive psychology and acknowledging what I’m good at," captures this benefit, reflecting how the tool helps boost morale and confidence.

Educational and Developmental Tool

The educational value of the tool is clear: feedback like, "I really appreciated the idea of focusing on the top 5 of the 34 strengths in the report and getting a better understanding of the sliding scale of other strengths," highlights how users found it helpful in not just knowing but understanding and applying their strengths strategically.

You can read more about the benefits of attending one of our Discovery Workshops in this Insights blog and also more about the CliftonStrengths Assessment.

For the latest dates/locations of our Discovery Workshops, and for details on how to register your interest, please check out our Events.

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